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Bug Commander is dedicated to controlling annoying outdoor pests that transmit disease and ruin your outdoor experience. We want you to be able to enjoy being outside while the weather is nice.

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Perimeter Protection

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This spray is extremely effective on adult ticks and mosquitoes, killing them instantly. Additionally, this spray’s residue is effective for several weeks after the initial application, protecting your family from immediate encroachment by new insects. You can be assured that once dry, our application is safe for pets and children.

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“One of the best decisions that we have made over the course of this past year was to higher Bug Commander to spray our property for mosquitoes and other bugs that are a nuisance. We can honestly say that our yard was free of bugs the entire summer. Now our family can enjoy the beautiful summer days and nights without the hassle of swatting those pesky mosquitoes. We will definitely have Bug Commander service asked for years to come.”

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