Asian Lady Beetles

Asian Lady Beetles sometimes get confused for their nicer counterparts, Ladybugs. While Minnesota has over 50 species of lady beetles, and most are very beneficial to nature, Asian Lady Beetles can invade structures in droves in the Fall. 

Asian Lady Beetles can be multiple shades of orange, yellow, and red. They usually have fewer spots or no spots and are most easily identified by the black “M” shape on the top of their head.

During the Fall, Asian Lady Beetles and other nuisance pests try to survive winter by hiding in buildings. They can creep through crevices as small as 1/8″ and will usually make their presence known in the dead of winter attracted by the warmth of your home or in the early Spring looking for sunshine. Asian Lady Beetles can bite and are notorious for their stinky smell. 

A Bug Commander technician can help seal up any possible entry points and treat the interior and exterior of your home or structure to control and prevent Asian Lady Beetle infestations. 

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