During rat infestations, you will most likely never actually see a rat just the remanence and damage they cause and leave behind. Rats are very smart for their size and can transmit diseases and parasites and even chew through hard building materials and wires. A good indication that you are dealing with rats and not mice is rat droppings are larger than mice (up to ½” long) and found near open or stored pet and human foods, you will find gnaw marks from their large teeth on hard surfaces by holes or openings and smudge marks also called “rat highways” on rafters, walls and pipes. If you see a rat, that often means you have a large infestation. Bug Commander will swiftly send out a licensed technician that is specifically trained in rodent control. We thoroughly conduct an inspection of your home or building to determine the size of infestation, look for possible entry points, seal them up and go over with you the steps we will be taking to rid your property of the rodent.

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