Compare Us to the Competitors!

Here at Bug Commander, we often get asked how we compare to the competitor.

When you compare our programs and services to franchises and larger companies, it is not always apples to apples. When it
comes to mosquito and tick control often, we get told our every 3-week program compares to their 2-
week program and our every 4-week program compares to their 3-week program.

We always try to keep weather in mind before a treatment so they last as long as possible for our customers, also our
packages can go through the whole mosquito and tick season where our competitors often shut down
when college season starts.

Our treatments guard against not only mosquitoes and ticks, but will also help guard against fleas, gnats, flies and other ornamental pests at no extra charge!

When it comes to pest control and pest prevention, we are often told that we are on-time, more personalized,
professional and knowledgeable. We often get called in after another pest control company has
attempted a treatment or service.

Quality and customer service is always our number one goal!

Enjoy your home totallypest-free

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