Licenses & Certifications

Licenses & Certifications:

All of Bug Commanders technicians (PMP or Pest Management Professionals) are professionally and extensively trained and licensed for the type of control they are performing for you. Along with that they continue to get trained and run training exercises on new techniques and to make sure they are providing the best possible service to you. 

In order to be a pest control applicator for Bug Commander or any company, you need to pass a Commercial Pesticide Applicator and or Structural Pest Control Applicator before performing any of the services needed and you can bet all of our technicians have one. Some of our technicians even have multiple licenses to be able to legally provide multiple services during the same visit which in return saves you time and money! 

Did you know that Brandt Rohman, owner of Bug Commander, has more that six different licenses, and counting, pertaining to the services Bug Commander offers and he is actively in the office and out if the field using them all to help serve you better!

Bug Commander 2023 Structural Pest Control License
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