A division of Bug Commander.

BC Outdoor Solutions is a division of Bug Commander specializing in lawn and landscape services, terrestrial invasive control, and aquatic services.


Soil improvement/prep

  • Improve the quality of your soil and prepare it for new growth with this service.

Core Aeration

  • Get a stronger yard and set your lawn up for success by giving grass seed roots room to grow with our aeration service.


  • Enjoy a lush and beautiful lawn with our professional grade seed mixes designed to work on any kind of property.

Lawn & Landscape Invaders

  • Get rid of current pests with one treatment and keep them out with our package service.
  • Get rid of ants, beetles, crickets, grubs, larvae, weevils and other lawn/landscape insects.
  • Prevent outdoor pests like moles, skunks, racoons and more from digging up and killing lawns and landscapes.
  • Products used are pet and kid-friendly.



Swimmer's Itch Package

  • Get control of Swimmer's Itch causing organisms, zebra mussels, leeches, and pond algae through this package.

Lake/Pond Weed PLUS Package

  • Get control of common lake or pond weeds PLUS common organisms including algae, leeches, and Swimmer's Itch.

A division of Bug Commander.

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