Mosquito Control Applicator

Job Description: Work in teams of two to apply mosquito control products on properties throughout central Minnesota.

Qualifications: Must study and pass the test required by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to perform job duties. Study materials will be provided and Bug Commander will schedule the test. A bonus is awarded once the test is passed.

Experience: No previous experience required.

Personal Characteristics: Great attitude, friendly, punctual, team player, proactive, organized, coachable, and professional.

Requirements: Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to carry a backpack spray applicator of up to 60 pounds over various terrain. Serious driving violations may impact the opportunity to be hired.

Availability: Monday – Friday, May – August/September. Weather can impact the schedule.

Compensation: $18-$20 per hour pending qualifications.

Other: Uniforms, training, and work vehicles are provided. We are unable to provide footwear or health insurance at this time.

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