Home Commander

Home Commander

Peace of Mind Home Watch Service

Home Commander is a home watch service where we can monitor your home, cabin, or property while your away! With that we physically check on your home & provide a wireless water leak, freeze, & power outage detector, (requires WIFI), that we use to monitor your home as well!

The most common visit interval is once a week, but we can visit your home as often as you would like. With each visit we inspect everything from snow build up, plumbing, signs of water issues (inside & out), appliances, battery operated control systems, trees/limbs causing issues, any structural issues (inside & out), break ins or thefts, etc. & any other inspections at your request.

You will get notified before & after each visit. If our detector notices a water leak, flood, to low or high of temperature & humidity, or a power outage, we will get an alert of the issue, notify you of it & get to your property ASAP! Then we will assess the situation & notify you again.

If there is a problem we will then get ahold of the right company to take care of the problem & stay until we are no longer needed.


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