Our Services

Our Services

What Exactly We Do?

If you HATE ticks, mosquitoes & bugs, you’re going to LOVE Bug Commander!

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing our community with safe and effective pest solutions. Mosquitoes, ticks & bugs are not simply a nuisance that need to be managed, but disease-carrying pests that can wreak havoc on your entire family. These diseases are nothing to make light of, and risk of disease can be reduced with one simple call to Bug Commander.

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Preventive Services

    • Mosquito and Tick Control Service
    • Wasp, Yellowjacket, Hornet Control and Bee Control
    • ULV Fogging
    • Special Event Applications
    • Preventative Maintenance

    Got water problems? With Aqua Pro you can rest easy knowing that we take care of the whole process from getting the DNR permit to the treatment itself! Note: DNR limits to only two treatments per season.

    • Swimmers Itch Control
    • Algae Control
    • Leech Control
    • Zebra Mussel Control

Perimeter Protection

Our Most Popular Service

This spray is extremely effective on adult ticks and mosquitoes, killing them instantly. Additionally, this spray’s residue is effective for several weeks after the initial application, protecting your family from immediate encroachment by new insects. You can be assured that once dry, our application is safe for pets and children.

By choosing our services, you will be taking an important step towards protecting your family from possible diseases, and also providing them with a comfortable environment to play in–free from bug bites.

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