Who can benefit from a Bug Commander treatment?

Anybody with a mosquito, tick or bug problem. Our Perimeter Protection program’s are especially beneficial for Backyards, Cabins, Campsites, Vacation Property, Special Events & Families with small children with pricing to fit all types of budgets! We also offer Fogging Protection program’s for larger area’s like towns, municipalities, parks, associations and MORE!

Is the chemical safe for my children, pets, vegetation and garden?

Absolutely…Our active ingredient comes from a class of man-made pesticides comparable to the natural pesticide pyrethrum which is made out of chrysanthemum flowers. Members of the pest control business often refer to pyrethroids as the insecticide that is “safe as chrysanthemums”. Care should be taken to ensure that no entry is made to the area until the spray is dry (typically 30 minutes after application).

How much does a Perimeter Protection application cost?

Every property is different, and pricing will vary depending on sprayable vegetation as well as other factors. Contact Bug Commander (320.292.0527) for a free, no-obligation estimate.

How can the Perimeter Protection continue to kill mosquitoes for weeks?

Mosquitoes, ticks & other bugs will touch the product that we applied. Once they have touched it, when they attempt to clean themselves or feed on plant material, they ingest the product & the rest is history.

Does Bug Commander service commercial properties?

Definitely! We service restaurants with outdoor seating, parks, recreational facilities, and many other outdoor spaces. We are very happy to serve businesses, organizations, municipalities and government agencies.

We love to work with non-profits!

Will Bug Commander kill all the mosquitoes and ticks on my property?

No service can offer 100% protection from every mosquito and tick. As you might imagine, a mosquito from a neighboring property could wander into your yard and bite you before landing on the treated surface. However, you’ll find that the presence of mosquitoes and ticks is enormously reduced.

Do I need to be home for the treatments?

No. And we’ll leave a notice so you know for certain that your service has been provided.

Can I just get a one-time treatment for a special outdoor party?

Yes. We have special event applications available for everything from a small birthday party to a huge wedding reception. Special event treatments are provided 24-48 hours before the event. Let us know when your event is, and we’ll make sure mosquitoes won’t be there!

Does it cost me anything to meet with a Bug Commander professional?

No! You can arrange for a free estimate with absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

Can I use a credit or debit card to pay for my Bug Commander Service?

YES! We are equipped to accept all major credit and debit cards at no additional charge to the customer.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Yes. Insect-borne disease cases have tripled in the past 13 years & continue to be on the rise. The very young and the elderly are especially susceptible to mosquito-borne and tick-borne diseases. It is possible for a healthy adult to be bitten by an infected mosquito or tick and exhibit no symptoms while, if that very same mosquito had bitten a baby instead, the baby could become dangerously ill. If there are mosquitoes or ticks present, immediately remove infants and seniors from the area.

What is the percentage of ticks that carry diseases?

It is not all of them and varies by site and time. However, in most MN deer tick or “blacklegged tick” populations, at least 1/3 of adult ticks and 1/5 nymphs are infected with Lyme disease bacteria.

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