Crawling Insects

Strawberry Root Weevils


Strawberry root and black vine weevils often only become a nuisance once they make it indoors. They do not harm or damage property, but if they die indoors, they can attract other insects like beetles and ants. It is best to treat for the strawberry root and black vine weevil before it starts attracting other…


Adult-Springtail (needs logo cropped out) - Bug Commander Minnesota Pest Control Solutions Residential and Commercial Care Service

Springtails do not have wings and cannot fly, but they can jump up to several inches using their “springer like tails” under their abdomen. Springtails are similar to fleas and may be the same size, but have differences in their structure. Got springtails? Call Bug Commander!


Bug Commander Woodlouse,Also,Known,As,A,Pill,Bug,Or,Roly-poly.

Sowbugs, associated with pillbugs, live in moist environments outdoors but occasionally end up in buildings. Although they sometimes enter in large numbers, they are harmless and simply become a nuisance by their presence. If you have a sowbug or pillbug bothering you call Bug Commander!


Silverfish - Bug Commander Minnesota Pest Control Solutions Residential and Commercial Care Service

Silverfish, commonly associated with firebrats, are mostly a nuisance pest, but they can destroy cereals, books, papers, wallpaper, and other starchy items. A silverfish or firebrat can be mostly found indoors in cool, damp, dark places throughout the year, often associated with basements, but can be found in many rooms in homes. Got a silverfish…

Powderpost Beetles

powder post beetle - Bug Commander Minnesota Pest Control Solutions Residential and Commercial Care Service

Powder post beetles are second only to termites in their ability to damage dry, seasoned wood. There are often conflicting opinions about whether the insects and/or damage they are seeing is indeed due to the powder post beetle or not. When determining what insect you have, look for small, round holes and fine, powder-like sawdust.…



Biting mites can be brought in homes and other structures from pets, rodents, birds, bats and in other cases products and other materials. Often called bird or rodent mites they become a problem once their host has left the area or after an increase in the infestation. You will often need magnification to see a…

Larder Beetles


Larder beetles were named for their attraction to pantry foods (in larders) and cured meats. They enter homes often in spring through spaces and gaps on the outside of buildings. Often there will just be a few larder beetles in the spring which does not mean you have an infestation, but If you keep finding…

Indianmeal Moths


Indian meal moths are found indoors, especially in kitchens and other rooms where dried food products are found. They often hitch a ride on dried foods from grocery stores, food processing plants, grain storage facilities and more. Adults are attracted to lights and may be seen flying around the home in rooms where an infestation…

Forest Tent Caterpillars


Forest tent caterpillars in Minnesota attack a number of broadleaf trees and plants and can cause severe damage if infestations are large. They become even more of a pest when they build cocoons on houses, office buildings, lawn furniture and other structures. No matter what type of forest tent caterpillar infestation you have Bug Commander…

Foreign Grain Beetles


Foreign grain beetles, also called “new house bugs”, can be a common insect in homes in August and September, particularly in newly constructed buildings. They do not bite or cause damage, but they can spread organism’s due to the fact that they live in damp areas where fungus grows. If have encountered “new house bugs”,…

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