Ladybugs also known as Asian lady beetles have become a significant seasonal pest throughout much of Minnesota, as large numbers of beetles often invade homes in the autumn and spring. We do have treatments for existing problems, but the best time to prevent these beetles from invading your home is late summer early fall and…

Japanese Beetles


These beetles can sometimes be devastating to the foliage around your property, from wiping out the leaves of entire tree branches to destroying shrubs and plants. Just like our mosquito control we got treatments and programs to take care of you Japanese beetles and more!

Fruit Flies

Fruit fly - Bug Commander Minnesota Pest Control Solutions Residential and Commercial Care Service

Fruit flies look like gnats and are found indoors in kitchens and other areas where fermenting fruits, vegetables and liquids are. Such as liquid containers, trash containers and by sinks and other drains like where the drain fly can be found. They can occur at any time during the year and can sometimes be controlled…

Forest Tent Caterpillars


Forest tent caterpillars in Minnesota attack a number of broadleaf trees and plants and can cause severe damage if infestations are large. They become even more of a pest when they build cocoons on houses, office buildings, lawn furniture and other structures. No matter what type of forest tent caterpillar infestation you have Bug Commander…

Foreign Grain Beetles


Foreign grain beetles, also called “new house bugs”, can be a common insect in homes in August and September, particularly in newly constructed buildings. They do not bite or cause damage, but they can spread organism’s due to the fact that they live in damp areas where fungus grows. If have encountered “new house bugs”,…


Fleas - Bug Commander Minnesota Pest Control Solutions Residential and Commercial Care Service

Fleas are common parasites of animals (especially cats and dogs) and sometimes bite people if the infestation is bad enough. They can be difficult to get control of and if not treated properly they can come back in no time! If you got a flea problem we are here to help!

Filth Flies


Exactly how they sound! These flies can be found breeding around garbage, human and animal waste, manure, dead animals and more while also causing diseases and sickness. Any filthy or nasty place you can think of filth flies are attracted to it. If you have a property like dairy or cattle farms, horse ranches, garbage…



These insects do not cause harm or damage to humans, pets or property. They typically become a nuisance when its hot and dry outside and they seek better living conditions indoors. If in need of help controlling earwigs, give us a call!

Drain Flies

Phorid Flies - Bug Commander Minnesota Pest Control Solutions Residential and Commercial Care Service

Moth flies or (drain flies) are found indoors, especially in bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms with drains. They can be active anytime during the year and the larvae feed on the slime or (film) deep inside the drains, hence the name drain flies. Drain fly problems can sometimes be cured with home remedies and by…

Clothes Moths


Clothes moths are pests that can destroy fabric and other materials. They feed exclusively on animal fibers, especially wool, fur, silk, feathers, felt, and leather. They can also destroy other fabrics if blended and are often undetected until the infestation is large and damaging due to the fact that they like prefer dark and undisturbed…

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