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“One of the best decisions that we have made"

“One of the best decisions that we have made over the course of this past year was to hire Bug Commander to spray our property for mosquitoes and other bugs that are a nuisance. We can honestly say that our yard was free of bugs the entire summer. Now our family can enjoy the beautiful summer days and nights without the hassle of swatting those pesky mosquitoes. We will definitely have Bug Commander service asked for years to come.”
Chip & Beth
Mora, MN

"It’s like a miracle!”

"Thank you Bug Commander for a Mosquito FREE Yard."

“Super professional! Love to be able to be outside with no mosquitos. My dogs don’t get woodticks either. It’s a win win. Thank you Bug Commander for a mosquito free yard. You are a class act! ,Julie from Onamia It’s so awesome to be able to grill, read and play outside without those pesky bugs! Thank you so much for doing an awesome job!”
Mora, MN

"I was very Impressed..."

I was very impressed with bug commander this wet and rainy summer. I was so impressed that 24 neighbors of the south end of Mille Lacs tried it and they were as impressed as we were. With one application in the spring, the spiders, blackflies, especially the mosquitoes were gone. Bug Commander kills them all, not just spiders that another company claims.”
Jim (Onamia, MN)

"We have finally been able to relax"

“We have finally been able to relax and BBQ and eat in peace in our backyard! Thank You!”
Jenna & James (Isanti, MN)

"All I can say is WOW!"

“This company was referred to us from a neighbor. All I can say is WOW!!! They ROCK!! If you have a mosquito problem, they are your solution.”
Kathy (Mora, MN)

"Thank you! Bug Commander, Already have used yard more than last year!"

"Thank you! Already the summer, the kids (and adults!) have used our backyard for more hours than the entire summer last year. Kids of been able to use the trampoline until dark, within able to use our deck with friends, setting up and hosting the garage sale this year was AMAZING with no bugs, if the kids leaving door open, our house isn’t filled with mosquitoes in minutes…AND… The new baby has finally been able to be outside. Thanks for our new phone freedom!”
Alison (Mora, MN)

"I forgot bugs existed!"

“I forgot bugs existed until I left my neighborhood! I am so thankful for you giving us a bug free neighborhood and summer so my toddler can safely explore the world.”

Elizabeth (Isanti)

"We've never been able to enjoy our yard"

“We’ve never really been able to enjoy our yard. Even just walking out to get into our cars we got eaten alive. Since Bug Commander visited our house we have been mosquito free and have been outside every night! Great guys, great product, great summer ahead!”

Becky (Stanchfield)

"Thank YOU and Keep Up the Good Work!"

“I’ve had my property treated for the last two years. We couldn’t be outside if it wasn’t for you doing what you do. Thank you and keep up the good work!”
Lee (Isanti, MN)

"We have been so pleased with Bug Commander"

“We have been so pleased with Bug Commander’s service and product!!! This spring we would spray the kids almost every time they went outside to play (multiple times each day) and do frequent tick checks because we have had tick problems in the past. Not to mention mosquitoes too! We contacted Bug Commander and another company to see if and who we should try to help us with this bug problem. Bug Commander was so knowledgeable and helpful. Since they are a local business, they came out to our house and gave us a free quote. They gave honest advice as to how frequently we should have them spray our property. Since we had them spray, we haven’t seen a tick and only a couple mosquitoes! My daughter had 20 bites the day before they sprayed and hasn’t had one since. Thank you, Bug Commander! We greatly appreciate being outdoors multiple times everyday without spraying ourselves, & without the concern of ticks or bothersome mosquitos! We are able to just enjoy the outdoors!!!”

Nick & Heather (Cambridge)

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